On the non-evidence of freedom in Spinoza

Schelling calls it the boundary that sustains the dual extensity between excitability and irritability, remisniscent of Plato’s chora. It’s the proverbial indivisible remainder that splits our consciousness of reality between quantitative indifference and mere difference, between potency and the immanence of phenomenology. It is the space interval where consciousness can posit the self-evidence of negativity … Continue reading On the non-evidence of freedom in Spinoza


I wrote this on March 20, 2020, three days since the announcement of region-wide lockdown due to Covid-19. It's a bit of retrospect, as another lockdown is on the spades, with infection cases now close to 100,000. ........ Re-reading some of my old heroes while in quarantine, Peter Sloterdijk and Bruno Latour re-emerge as more … Continue reading Retrospect