My interest in Schelling intersects with broader theoretical aspects concerning nature and the paradigmatic shift to post-ecological thinking in critical theory, psychoanalysis, and contemporary phenomenology – overall, with nomadic thought as a point-attractor of the indifference of Nature. My dissertation ‘Schelling and the Commitments of Nature’ broadly explores this tautegorical relation between Nature and nomadic thinking, i.e., a relation distinctive of the scandal of Nature and the hyperstitional anomaly of freedom in a mutual indifference that seeps into the texture of creation.

Presently I am connected to the Faculty of the College of Arts and Letters of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. I once served as a research director of the now-defunct Institute for Cultural Studies, and former Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Humanities (of the same University) before I went on leave (in 2017). I also serve on​ the Board of Directors as a board member of the Philosophical Association of the Philippines and a lifetime (founding) director of the Phillippine Association for the Sociology of Religion.

I’m a Ph.D. holder in Philosophy, with specialization on Schelling, and German Idealism from the Pontifical University of Santo Tomas, Graduate School.

Virgilio Rivas