Snowpiercer Season 3 be like:

In a post-climate change apocalypse, the revolution is soon betrayed by science. The rightwing Sellarians wanted the manifest image of hope expelled from Snowpiercer. Before the betrayal, Layton and his revolutionary government, spread a noble lie, a new Eden that will free the survivors in the train from its dependence on Snowpiercer (a marvel of science that has kept the hope of humanity to survive a climate apocalypse but is always at risk of being run by a technocrat governing a neomedieval regime, post-apocalypse). The revolution was betrayed by chief engineer Melanie Cavill, back from the dead, in a manner of speaking, who contested the idea of a new Eden with reason and science. The betrayal emboldened the rightwingers, exploiting an advantage for a regime change. For the left Sellarsians, there is no more option left, negotiation for peace is out of the picture at this stage, than to counter the betrayal with (another) war. The war for science to accept that its task is to make the manifest image, the hope for a new Eden outside, a liveable science for all, in Snowpiercer, 1029 cars long.

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